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Functional Training

Functional fitness training is a type of strength training that readies your body for daily activities.  These exercises equp you for the most important type of physical fitness, the kind that preps you for real-life, daily living stuff. 

Your Trainer

John Vaccarella has over 10 years of experience

training with the following expertise:

-Corrective exercise
-Performance training
-Nutrition/sports nutrition
-RPR (reflexive performance reset)
-Youth exercise specialist
-Muay thai, boxing and kick boxing


Improve athletic performance.

Prevent Injuries.

Achieve your weight-loss goal. 

Client Testimonials

“I was doins a challenging workout when I felt something triggered in my neck, followed by an intense migraine and eye pain. I was so worried I went to the ER. When I called John, he knew exactly what was wrong and was able to reassure me and walk me through recovery, saving me time wasted at the hospital. I'm so glad I have the knowledge to prevent the same incident from happening again.
Terra Borody
"I had the pleasure (and pain) of having John V for a personal trainer for several months. He definitely helped me achieve my fitness and strength goals by concentrating on technique, pushing me (with positive encouragement) to places I dared not go on my own, and patiently teaching me activities I could tackle on my own to keep it up outside of the gym. All this with a great sense of humour and never pushing me so hard that I wouldn’t feel up to coming to the gym the next day. Highly recommended by this leaner, stronger, durable lady!"
"I’ve been working with John for about a month now as a post ACL recovery/rehab patient. My surgery was July 29th and since I began working with John I’ve seen incredible gains! Had my appointment with the Surgeon and he was shocked at how far along I am at this point of my recovery. I credit the program that John has built for me. He has been tough on me yet extremely careful about what I am feeling in regards to my knee. His methods are outstanding and I am confident that I will be back to competitive sports much sooner than I had originally expected thanks to John. I also believe that I will return in better condition than I was prior to my injury because of his sports specific training knowledge. Thanks John for working with me."

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